Matt Longoria


matt longoriaMatt Longoria is an Emmy award winning re-recording mixer and sound designer with over a decade of experience as an audio post and music engineer. After studying audio production at SAE, Matt joined the Beatstreet staff in 2004. During that time he has sound designed and mixed television shows such as Welcome to the Wayne (Nickelodeon),  The Electric Company (Sesame Workshop), Between The Lions (Sirius Thinking), Delocated (Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim), The Chris Gethard Show (Fusion), and Love Lust or Run (True Entertainment). Matt has also mixed short and feature films, recorded countless hours of voice over for animation, and major label games such as Madden ‘11  (Electronic Arts). His work has been nominated for several Emmy awards, including a win for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing for The Electric Company. When not in the studio Matt enjoys spending time with his family, and yes, he too is a drummer.


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Matt Longoria

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